Monday, July 23, 2018

Monday July 23, 2018 Closer

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Monday July 23, 2018
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Today was a red letter day.  Maybe it was the excitement, or going to bed too early, but we slept fitfully in anticipation.  Of course I had to walk the dogs before getting ready to go to the Andalucia notary's office early by 10am for security reasons.  We were carrying 1/2 the price of the house, in cash, as requested by the owner for the initial down payment.  Naturally, the notary was nowhere to be found....  I am beginning to think that Ecuador wasn't so bad after all....  Anyway we did without him for today and the owner will get the necessary paperwork on her own.
The present owner works in the Mayor's office (as does one of Cristina's cousins, who is an advisor to the Mayor) so we went over there for them to count the cash very carefully, then got a signed receipt, witnessed by another functionary there.  So we are now a week away from full ownership and hopefully under 5 weeks to occupancy.  Then the gals went over to get more sage advice from their cousin.
I really enjoy the beautiful drive out to Andalucia under a canopy of trees on nice roads with no tolls. 
Andalucia itself is a busy little country town between the cordilleras of the Andes and just so picturesque, surrounded by sugar cane fields and cattle farms.  I have big plans for our house and yard and can't wait to move in.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Panorama using the Lumix feature

This is 3 photos stitched together for comparison

Visiting with the knowledgeable cousin at City Hall

Nice courtyard at City Hall

Interesting plant life

Cute ornaments broken

I just love this drive

Police check-stops are common