Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday July 11, 2018 Nerves

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Wednesday July 11, 2018
I have one nerve left and everybody is stomping on it today.... Time to go to bed and put a pillow over my head and hope the world goes away.
We went to Bancolombia, leaving the house at 9:30, along with my Ecuadorian house sale documents which finally came in after 5pm yesterday, 3 weeks after they were signed....
At noon they are locking the doors and trying to handle the last few customers still waiting.  Again we watched so many people come in after us who got served first.  One guy was handling our alphabet lineup and we were 11th in line.  We finally got the OK that our house money is OK to spend here and we got out of there after 12:40.
We had a nice lunch and watched the first 1/2 of the England-Croatia match before going to wait at the Notary's door for 2pm.  We were asked by the Visa facilitator from Pereira to "register" our marriage at a Notary office here.  The Notary had one look at our Legalized Marriage document from Ecuador and said that it was not necessary to "register" here.  
So we got home in time to watch England blow their 1-0 lead and lose the game.  
We contacted the Visa facilitator in Pereira and she seriously does not give me the warm-fuzzies, questioning our documents which are all according to the Government rules.  Finally I had Cristina talk to her and the lady claims that the letter from Cristina authorizing a Visa in my name is "weak" (again the wording follows the requirements), so she will send a template which we are to re-do and go back to the Notary to have it notarized, etc...  That is over an hour ago and we still have not received it...
Everyone knows how much I love useless bureaucracy and today is just another installment of the ongoing BS in Latin America.
No temperament for pictures today.  That was the day’s excitement.