Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursday July 5, 2018 Homeowners Again

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Thursday July 5, 2018
Yesterday was just a fog, thinking about the new house, etc.
Maybe this is a day I should have just stayed in bed. 22 years ago I lost my first wife to cancer.  It is so hard to believe that so much has happened since then.
I got word from my Facilitator in Cuenca that Claro wants us to wait around another 10 days to confirm the cancellation of my plan.  Uggghhh...  
I got a bill from my Internet company charging me another month….  Uggghhhh….  That was all supposed to be handled before I left…..
My realtor and lawyer still have not sent me my sale documents which will allow me to withdraw some of the proceeds that i just sent to Colombia.. Uggghhh...
My phone has lost wi-fi connection, one foot from the router, with signal strength “excellent”…  Figure that one out.  In trying to reboot the router, etc, etc, now I have lost my NetTalk connection.   Ugggghhhh…
My bro-in-law is awaiting news from his lawyer that they can help with my Visa application but has not been contacted as promised.  Uggghhh….
I spent many hours looking online at vehicles for sale here.  While they are a little cheaper than Ecuador overall, it will be interesting to see what we end up with.
I really don’t have the temperament to put up with the multiple idiosyncrasies of Latin America..............

We took a chance and went to Andalucia to allay the doubts I had about the house and to put in an offer if everything looked OK.....
First I had Miguel drive the car into the front parking area, which we can't call a garage, because it is not a separate room....  I had thought that it was a lot tighter fit so was happy to see that there was more space than I anticipated, and less hindrances for other things.
I was also happy to find that the house has a water reservoir for emergencies and outside lighting for the back yard.  And it has passive upward ventilation to remove heat from the house.  All kinds of little pluses.
I tried to negotiate for some of the furniture as well but that didn't fly.  Anyway, we haggled a little with the affable owner and settled at 156,500,000 pesos or $54,381 USD at today's prices, for a magnificent house around 2,000 sq ft with a yard around 4,000 sq ft.  We will sign papers on Monday and have possession in about a month.
I liked my previous house, which was built very impressively, but I am over-the-moon at some of the touches in the new place, which is a private bungalow with a huge yard, just like we wanted.
I hope you enjoy the pictures (some repeats).  That was the day’s excitement.
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So this is our new house

Great kitchen with double sink

The yard is humungous, with high protective walls.

We won't run out of mango juice

Oodles of room for the dogs to run

I have plans for this big covered patio..

The front looks very far away

Lots of elbow room in the Master bedroom

Vehicle space, electric door opener

Miguel's car fits, no problem

It doesn't block the bedroom/office

This is a 1/4 of the house view

Checking the kitchen out again