Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tuesday July 24, 2018 Service

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THANK YOU all for your patience and support.
Tuesday July 24, 2018
I did not sleep well last night with so many things bouncing around in my head, compounded by the stickiness in the heat, and the little room I get on the bed...
We got news that my additional Visa documents arrived safely in Bogota and that the facilitators will be visiting the Ecuadorian Embassy this morning.  No news is good news at this point.
Cristina and Adiela got fed up with the runaround from HomeCenter over the ripped recliner that we spotted about 3 days after it arrived.  The rip is in a seam at the back and is tough to see at all, but it is about 9" long, right along a poorly sewn seam.  Last night was her 3rd visit and HomeCenter even had a rep come to our house last week.  They have apparently decided that they are neither going to repair or replace the chair,.!!!!... so I just sent a strong reply to their website (non-service) telling them that, unless they reverse that silly decision forthwith, we will no longer shop at HomeCenter, even though we need many more furnishings for our new house.  Also, via Joe Girard's Rule of 250, we will tell everyone and anyone about the lousy customer service there. 
I walked the first 3 dogs this morning without a problem but encountered rain early in the second walk so that was cut short.
Yahoo was glitching this morning so I finally solved that, as well as getting the NetTalk working again... Yippee....
However it seems that nobody is getting this Google Blog via email which is a surprise because I see that there are a nice number of views every day regardless.  THANK YOU to all my faithful readers, ...which makes me sad that lately my Blogs are mostly bitch sessions as we deal with outfits like Government and HomeCenter.
I had intended to go and transfer money to pay for the car today, and Cristina says they indicated that it might be ready today, but.... I am tired,.. and not in the mood to tackle that right now.  I am in no hurry to get the car.
No pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.