Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wednesday July 18, 2018 Grrrrr

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Wednesday July 18, 2018
Wednesday – this is my day –
This is the temperature INSIDE the house, and note the time…
First we went to the Notary, again, because our Visa facilitator insists that the Notary would somehow legalize our marriage certificate.  The Notary vehemently said a flat NO, it needs to be apostilled, which is what we told to the friggin’ Registro Civil in Cuenca… but they had insisted that the “legalizacion” stamp and sticker was how they do things now.….. obviously not good enough for neighboring countries…  Now I need to get one of my good friends, Gustavo, because he is close to their offices, in Cuenca to get us an actual apostilled copy…………….  I am ready to kill these supposed experts….
Or… they want to try to change to a pensioner Visa which will involve getting a “Notarized” statement of earnings (I think) from Canada…..  Then she sends me someone’s blurry documents from Ontario on WhatsApp as a sample!!!  They honestly have ZERO inkling of confidentiality here…!!!  From one gong show to the next today, I have just about had my bellyful of South America.
Then we went to KIA to see what is happening with the car because we are not getting any response from 3 messages to salesman #2, Carlos.  We got to talk to the Manager, Luis, who once worked for Chrysler in Montreal.  He says the car now won’t be ready until mid-next-week (OK by me) and that it will come with the government mandated emergency kit.   He supposedly will send me details of someone who could install after-market body-side mouldings.
Next we tackled the ripped recliner by going to HomeCenter.  They sent someone to view it at our house at 2pm and we should know in a day or two what they decide..
I have packaged the Buzzer Matricula documents in an envelope and will take them to ServiEntrega to get them to Cuenca.  The last time we sent a $20 girdle it ended up costing us $122….  They have a licence to print money….

UPDATE:  Well I sent off the Matricula papers for Buzzer late afternoon and it was $35 for a couple of ounces , mostly cardboard for stiffness.  We went to the main terminal of ServiEntrega and they don’t handle International packages…… Grrrrr.  So we had to walk a few blocks to a tiny place in the nearby LA 14 mall where they had one kid handling it all.  If my hair wasn’t white yesterday it sure is today.
Gustavo responded to my email with the documents that we can apparently go to the Ecuadorian consulate in Cali and they will apostille our documents…  Can’t raise them by phone (small wonder) so we will make a 2-hour bus ride in the morning and see what happens….  Apparently they would not release any documents to him without a power-of-attorney...  Everybody has their hand out.
I am still fighting daily with my intermittent wi-fi on my phone and my NetTalk.  It is literally a foot from the router and won’t stay connected…….  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….  Re-start after re-start of all equipment is not doing the trick.
That was the day’s excitement.