Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday July 15, 2018 Cemetery

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Sunday July 15, 2018
Our euphoria on Friday was short-lived as we got a note from the Facilitator that my Visa app was refused because our marriage certificate has not been notarized in Colombia....  We had made a special trip to the notary here, just for that reason, and we were told that it was not necessary...  More typical Latin American nonsense.  So papers are being couriered back to us to try again, probably with another notary, to then courier the Colombian notarized documents back to the Facilitator...  Grrrrrrrrrrr..........
Saturday was spent mostly recuperating from Friday's trip.
This morning we watched the World Cup final and my team, France, did win, but I honestly felt that Croatia deserved the win more.  Croatia controlled the ball much better but didn't have the finish around the goal.  France was incredibly sloppy most of the game and almost gave the game away but was lucky to prevail.
We went out and I got a couple of decent shots of one of the neighbourhood herons before we caught a cab to the in-laws for lunch where I had a quick nap on their loveseat.
Then we caught a buseta to Andalucia to visit Christian's grave which is a bit of a ritual.  One of Cristina's nieces was at the gravesite and had even watered the plants for us.  There was an internment happening as well and a large crowd of people were present, as well as their many cars and motorbikes.
We also stopped in at Cristina's ex-in-laws nearby and had a nice chat and a few laughs.  Her ex, Carlos, is a house contractor and very handy so we will be throwing some work his way, starting with repairs to the house we are in...
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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These guys are pretty used to people

I just zoomed in a little more

and even more yet.  He didn't budge.

I love those gorgeous misty mountains to the west

An artsy shot through the gateway

Such a nice gravesite for Christian

Lovely tiny flowers are part of this

Big crowd of people at an internment

Really pretty green flowers being used as well

The crowd begins to dissipate