Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday March 31, 2018 Herederos

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Saturday March 31, 2018
Friday I helped MaryAnn with the actual garage sale.  Even though you tell people that you are not opening until 10am people were there at 9:15 and sales were brisk.  A couple of items grew legs and disappeared but that is to be expected in this country with so little moral value.
So where has March disappeared??  The way time is flying I will be 70 years old and still in Ecuador ....
Today was a minor celebration for the 3 years of Herederos' existence.  There was supposed to be a small ride at 10am this morning but that got commuted to a lunch at 1pm.  I got the directions and arrived there 12 minutes early and, of course was alone...  Gustavo showed up at 1:20, some others at 1:30, and most closer to 2pm.  Again, such is Ecuador.  This restaurant called Tabloom Grill was new to me and came recommended by most of the group, and yes, the food was very good.  There was a sign on the wall for BBQ ribs, with another plate of rice and beans, and a beer, for $8.  So I figured that was good value until I got the toy beer for 50c, what a joke on me....
Some of the folks brought their kids and, while it was noisy, it was awesome to see kids playing  with the dog, climbing trees and laughing,.. instead of staring at video games...
The days have been quite overcast of late and it really looked like it was going to rain but the main clouds just slowly moseyed across the north and I got spared from getting wet.
After I returned home I witnessed yet another battle between Andrea the Giant and Tom Thumb for supremacy at my feeders.  When Andrea decides to come around, her sheer size wins the day.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Located on Luis Cordero, almost at Las Americas

My BIG bottle of beer..

2 more came later

Lots of ribs, plus another plate of rice and beans

So nice to see kids actually play outside again

Andrea dominates the feeder when she is around

Tom crabs about it, but is powerless