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Tuesday March 20, 2018 Elvis

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Tuesday March 20, 2018
Oh, Sunday night Oswaldo did come by and we had a nice chat while watching the Tennis finals.  He informed me that the “Plus Valia” real estate tax has been removed, ..Hooray..!!  Now maybe the house will sell.
Monday, I received the following surprising note: “Good morning Al! Congratulations!!! Your name has been submitted for the Governor's Expat Humanitarian Award.”
While I was flattered, I told them I am leaving the country and preferred to keep my charitable work anonymous.  There are many people much more deserving than me, so I nominated another.
My plan this day was to try again to get the new Tercera Edad bus pass that the postings say have been on sale and thousands handed out.  I ride way across town in the drizzle to the office at Los Capulies.  The last time that I went it was closed to a power outage.  Today they claim that they are not producing any new cards until April…. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Friggin’ incredibly stupid Ecuador bureaucracy strikes again.
I got a repeat viewer for the house this evening and the money man may be in the USA, so I am crossing my fingers….
I spent most of the day working on Elvis photos to post for sale.  They are small public photos off the Internet that need to be enlarged, cleaned up, usually change the backgrounds, sometimes digitally paint areas for selective coloring, etc.   I can easily spend over 1-2 hours working on just one photo.  Because a lot of the products for sale on RedBubble and Fine Art America are clothing, I have found that working with mostly white or black backgrounds is the cleanest and most effective.  My end result is

Tuesday I had a lovely visit from Cecilia and Alex.  They had their dog, Crazy, with them because it began having epilectic seizures Monday but it is better now after proper medicine from the Vet.   
Then I worked on more Elvis photos to sell.   He is still very popular and I hope they strike a chord with someone.

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I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Elvis is # 1

Wedding photo?

Great performer




Classic Elvis

In concert



This is the King

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