Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday March 5, 2018 Heavenly

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Monday March 5, 2018

So I haven’t written anything since Friday and am getting nudges from a faithful reader to put up or shut up, or something to that effect. So….
Saturday I was not invited to Joes' so I started packing a very full suitcase with my Colombia clothes (read shorts, t-shirts, etc), and sundries that I want there but don't need here for the foreseeable future.  I also started packing my roller backpack which won't carry much except my new Canon which will stay in Colombia.  I also tried to find a new battery unsuccessfully for my electronic weigh scale so I can see whether I am over any weight limits. 
I have been advertising on GringoPost Monday and Saturday for the house and have had one gringo response from someone I know who is returning on the 22nd.  I think they may want a yard for a German Shepherd so I am not too hopeful on that score.  Other than that, I have kept myself pretty much housebound, reading books like crazy to relieve the boredom.
Sunday I made up a sign to hang outside while I am gone, asking people to call Oswaldo about the house.  He has kindly offered to be my agent for the week I will be away.
Then I started digging into the Ecuadorian Constitution for ammunition in case they try to stop me from re-entering the country because I no longer have permanent health insurance (even though my IESS should still be covering me until the end of march).  The real interesting thing is Article 37 - 
"Art. 37.- El Estado garantizará a las personas adultas mayores los siguientes derechos:
1. La atención gratuita y especializada de salud, así como el acceso gratuito a medicinas."
"Article 37
The State shall guarantee elderly persons the following rights:
1. Specialized healthcare free of charge, as well as free access to medicines."
Now the Constitution, under Article 424, is the Supreme law of the land and any law that conflicts with it is voided.  And any public servants that act against the Constitution can be held personally liable....  Can't you just see me itching to raise shit over this, if I had the money and the backing of others...  Fat chance of either, I'm broke, everybody else is spineless, mand lawyers are only after the money, not redressing wrongs.

My sleep patterns are not quite off the rails, but getting there.  It seems that I am waking up around 3am, lay there thinking about things that need to be done, then do my exercises and get up between 4 and 5am.  Today it took 2 mugs of coffee (about 8 cups) to keep me upright and functioning....
This morning, Oswaldo swung by with a friend of his who worked many years in Vancouver, Canada to look over some tax documents sent him by Revenue Canada.  In essence, the paperwork was only for rich Canadians to pay more tax, not for us poor folks luckily.  Oswaldo looked at the sign I had made, using 3 different translation programs and he didn't like the wording so I had to re-do the sign and also made it bigger.
Then I ran over to Monay Mall and got the battery for the weigh scale.  I am hoping to see my weight, then the weight holding the luggage and subtract the difference.  I am always amazed at how accurate these scales really are.
Then I had Elizabeth come in and clean house so it will be presentable when I am gone, and when I get back.
I had invited a friend over this evening for steaks and they promised to get back to me, but didn't,... so I guess I will enjoy 2 nights of delicious T-Bone steaks (with mounds of Montreal Steak Spice), mashed potatoes with cream and butter, and sweet yellow corn.  I am still savouring tonight's meal and really look forward to tomorrow's.....
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I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Leftover panorama shot from Pachamama taken Feb 24 was still on the card in the camera

T-Bone steak sizzling to perfection

Sweet yellow corn with butter and S+P

Mashed potatoes in butter and cream...

Combine with Montreal Steak Spice and you have perfection...........