Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wednesday March 28, 2018 T-Rex

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Wednesday March 28, 2018
Well I must admit a little unexpected twitter of excitement at an early morning call on WhatsApp enquiring about the possibility of a group purchase of my house sometime in April....  There would be a few hurdles to jump but nothing insurmountable....  Here's hoping...
Again I needed to slip out of the house and exercise Buzzer so I decided to find the new location of T-Rex Burgers at 14-71 Padre Aguirre, about 7 blocks north of the back of the cathedral.  Cesar was there and he had a special on burgers on Wednesday but it was his description of a plate of nachos that swayed the day.  It has been almost impossible to find beef nachos of any type in Cuenca and I was so anxious to savour the meal that I, of course, forgot to take a quick photo of the finished meal itself, even though the camera was just inches away.  Good job Cesar.
Then I came home and read the other half of the book I started yesterday.  I am not normally an avid, avid reader but, once I start....  and it sure makes the time pass easier.
I am talking to Cristina on video on WhatsApp every day now because the boredom gets to me and I need to hear her voice, hear her laugh, see her face, and see the dogs.  
I had a problem with the advertising of the house that was supposed to be Monday and Saturday for 4 weeks but it did not appear on Monday so I contacted GringoPost and they are running the ad every day this week.  Hopefully the right person will eventually see it.

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I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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T-Rex is not in El Centro anymore

14-71 Padre Aguirre, north of the back of the cathedral

1/3 lb of beef going on my nachos... yummeeeee