Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wednesday March 14, 2018 Day 7 Heat

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Wednesday March 14, 2018
I was debating about whether to write anything at all today but decided that I would because I certainly won't tomorrow, my full travel day, and I may be too busy on Friday as well.  We'll see.
The trip to a mall this morning to pick up a few supplies was almost enough for the day.  We did slide out for lunch with Cristina's cousin, Olga, the lawyer, and we were met by Cristina's sister, Adiela, again.  The heat, well into the 90's again, even has Cristina complaining.  No rain either...
Olga and Cristina went to put pressure on the police to get autopsy results and a cause of death from the incompetent and corrupt police here.  From what I could understand, we may hear something Monday,... and that would be such a welcome relief.
Then Cristina also went to try to rush some medical appointments using another legal avenue which forces medical personnel to step up to the plate and recognize the emergency nature of the needed surgery.
The heat got to me today and I just laid around watching tennis all afternoon.  Cristina just came home and is crashed in front of the air-conditioner.  Even the dogs are tired of this heat.
So I will be attempting to make my way tomorrow on my own and try not to get lost, or late.  I am only coming back with one light backpack, so that should help.  Really looking forward to wonderful Cuenca weather.
That was the day’s excitement.
Cheers, Al