Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday March 12, 2018 Shopping

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Monday March 12, 2018
We were up early, walked 2 sets of dogs again then prepared for a day of shopping.  We walked to the end of our street, turned left and walked many blocks to the highway, then right for a ways to this monster shopping center, dominated by 2 mega stores La 14, and Home Center.
We chose a bunch of stuff at La 14, and left it there while we went to check out Home Center.  We found a bunch more stuff and then had our first bout of fun at the checkout.  I wanted to use my CIBC Debit card because I wanted a direct conversion to Colombian Pesos and only pay the bank exchange to a single currency.  Try as we might, it wasn't happening and it didn't look good for my USD Visa card either but it finally caught.
The we went back to La 14 and neither card would work.  So we caught a cab over to the in-laws and used their phone to call CIBC.  Now I had messaged CIBC yesterday that I would be doing some major shopping in Colombia so I wasn't expecting problems...  First I talked to the Credit card folks and they said that they actually froze my account because of suspicious activity (and I later received a message from CIBC to call them... grrrrrr).  Supposedly we straightened that out and the USD card was good to go, then they passed me on to the Debit card folks who said the card is perfect, should work, and to be sure the merchant was using the +Plus system.
So back we go to La 14 and, of course, neither card works...  They now suggest that it is probably their system's fault and that we should try again in the morning...  We are walking out and two bank machines catch my eye and I make a wild gamble...  I manage to withdraw 600,000 pesos from each machine and back we go with the cash to finally finish the transaction, much to the relief of the beleagered cashier.
So, in essence we bought a vacuum cleaner, 3 pillows, a DVD player, Headphones, 4 towels, a lovely microwave cupboard, and a large computer desk at La 14.  The haul at Home Center was a fancy coffee machine, a leather hi-back office chair, 3 power bars, and a large microwave.  Including delivery, everything totaled around $850 USD.
No time for many photos today.  It is 8pm, the temp is 79F, today's High was 93F, and the Low will be 72F....  And my wife gets upset when I say that it is HOT here....
I hope you enjoy the photo.  That was the day’s excitement.
Cheers, Al
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