Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sunday April 1, 2018 Easter Feast

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Sunday April 1, 2018
It was worth the wait, and I only had a couple of candies to eat today in anticipation of an Easter feast at my friend Oswaldo's place, with the food supplied by dear our Canadian friends Frank & Rita.  Roast lamb and trimmings certainly had the taste buds working overtime.  
Frank tried to get an April Fool's past me, saying that a big dish of cauliflower was actually rice,.. and I was so hungry that I probably would have agreed, but Rita took pity on me and spilled the beans, I mean cauliflower.
Oswaldo had his older sister Ilsa joining us along with new friend Fabiola, and Frank and Rita brought neighbours Maria and her son Jhon.  Our friend Nancy and I rounded out the group.
There was a strong Canadian connection in this group of lovely people because Frank & Rita (originally from Guyana) live in Mississauga, and Oswaldo and Nancy have both lived and worked in Ontario as well.  I am the outsider as the sole Western Canadian, and proud of it...
There was lots of lively discussion about ethnicity, origins and prejudices, amongst many other juicy subjects, and Oswaldo gave us some lessons on folding napkins, which Jhon was really keen on learning.  Jhon is 15 years old and such a well-behaved young man that he was an absolute pleasure to have around.  He even helped me wash the dishes after.
This was a lovely way to celebrate the peace of Easter.  Happy Easter everyone.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Maria and Rita getting the meal ready

The view north from the apartment

The view south

Oswaldo has this book from 1637 (I would hide it)

Good people and great conversation

Rita, Maria and Jhon

Lots of appetizers while waiting for the main course

Frank and Rita can cook for us any time they want to....