Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday March , 2018 Hearts Of Gold

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Tuesday March 6, 2018
Today would have been my 47th Anniversary with my beautiful first wife Patricia who was so cruelly removed from us 25 years later by the scourge of cancer.  Not a day goes by without thinking of her.

I stood and the scale this morning, alone first, then holding the heavy suitcase, and the difference is 31.2 kgs.  Since the limit is 30 kgs, that means that I have to decide on what to leave behind...  Ugh, I hate those decisions...
Cecilia and Alex popped by this morning so I passed on some more stuff that they can use on their cool mountain hideaway, like more warm clothing and more grocery stuff that I won't be using.
Then I was called to a farewell tea at the new Hearts Of Gold Foundation office at Puertes Del Sol.  It was so nice to relax with everyone there, all beauty queens in my book, inside and out, and to discuss the many changes, and bold new endeavors, with the Foundation since I have been helping out.  This organization is top-notch, and so far out in the forefront in trying to help existing Ecuadorian organizations become better at what they specialize at.  There have been so many changes in focus since it was founded in 2011.  
We had pastries, cake, chocolates and more.  Then they presented me with yet another Certificate of Appreciation.  Knowing the hard work that these girls do, I feel pretty paltry in comparison.  Hugs to them all.

Tonight will be another solo, scrumptious steak dinner...  "Let them eat cake" comes to mind...

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I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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A farewell tea with the beauty queens of Hearts Of Gold

What a pleasure it has been to work with these fabulous people

I feel so humble to get these...