Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday March 13, 2018 More Shopping

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Tuesday March 13, 2018
We went out early again to get a few more critical items as I have very little time left here.
Some of yesterday's purchases were delivered last night and we got all the rest this afternoon.  
I went overboard on buying some electrical stuff and several power bars, even though I have to snap off the ground prong because every outlet in the house is only 2-prong.  That is just the reality of living here.  
Today we also bought a portable air-conditioner for about $250 and one of those foam chairs that can unfold into a single bed.  
I got the new DVD to work but had to change the hookup for the Movistar box to HDMI to be able to accomplish that, and it worked....  
Then I tackled the air-conditioner setup with the window exhaust.  Not bad at all but we had an "uh-oh moment" when it decided to quit after just a few minutes.  I checked the connections and almost burned my hand on the cheap-ass power bar cord that I attempted to use.  I changed it to a much better power bar that had just arrived and everything is A-OK.
Then I installed the new microwave/broiler in the new microwave tower, hooked up a powerbar for that corner, and put the fancy coffeemaker up above for later use.  I am only here 2 more days.
Then it was the office chair that needed assembly with sketchy instructions but luckily I had done many before and was able to manage alright.
Next was the turbofan and again I did OK because of previous experience.  What I don't have is the stamina, especially in this blasted heat..  91F again today and the low will be 69F.  Believe me, I am praying for rain to cool things down a bit.  Gorgeous days here, just too blasted hot.   I am sure that we will enjoy the air-conditioner tonight.  I am just beat.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day’s excitement.
Cheers, Al
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Cristina's sister, Adiela, came to visit.

The big desk and the big chair

The excitement of air-conditioning

Still wrapped chair that folds out into a bed

The new workhorse

Cristina is enjoying a DVD right now.

Microwave/broiler in the new tower with coffemaker

And the new turbofan.....