Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Tuesday May 1, 2018 BnB

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Tuesday May 1, 2018
Yesterday I got busy and worked on photos.  I didn't even upload any for sale yesterday because I wanted to devote all that time to getting more up to date.  I am a year behind on processing photos so I find myself being way more selective in what I want to work on.  Even so, it takes a tremendous amount of time sometimes to get the look I want.
Today I was helping another friend, Regina, with photos for her Air BnB site.  Regina has probably one of the best-known BnB's in Cuenca, and pretty much gets by on word-of-mouth only, but she felt her existing photos needed updating.  I came over at 10:30, thinking that having the sun shining from the east would be helpful but in fact it was mostly a hindrance.  Even using a flash to counteract the light, shadows and dark, I still needed a ton of post-processing to get reasonable results.
I had a call, then a visit, from another Ecuadorian couple looking for a home for the lady's mother from Azogues.  They loved the house and it would be perfect for a single lady without a car so they will be back with the mother and the brother for another look a little later.  
I also updated the information for selling the house on the Marketplace pages of Facebook so that also created a little activity.... Maybe we are finally going to break through the doldrums and sell this place.
You know that I have many mixed feelings about selling my second beautiful house in 4 years and then being at the mercy of a landlord but this is a sacrifice that must be made...  I also have no interest whatever in being a landlord myself, so selling is the only option.
Cross your fingers everybody.  I am off to Colombia Friday night.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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