Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday April 29, 2018 GoodBye MaryAnn

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Sunday April 29, 2018
Because my friend MaryAnn is leaving this week to take up residence in New Hampshire with an old love, we decided to have a brunch, which circumstances changed to lunch.  MaryAnn has been a constant good friend with always good advice, plus she likes to dance, so we see her at OBG regularly.
Just as I was leaving on Buzzer it started to drizzle slightly but I was not about to jump on a bus at that point (I later realized that the buses were awfully scarce on this holiday weekend).  I parked at her temporary residence and we walked over to El Capitan for a delicious lunch of Corvina (Sea Bass) and it was perfection as usual.  Then we took a quick walk over to San Blas square and browsed the tent shops set up around the park, but neither of us were buying anything because we are both leaving town.  
We walked back to where she is staying, grabbed a few things, and walked out to Buzzer, so naturally it started to sprinkle again.  Because of the one-way streets we had to travel at least double the distance to go to the Windhorse Cafe, deliver a few goods and have dessert.  Lucy, the proprietress, was playing Scrabble on her own so MaryAnn asked if she would like a game with us and she readily agreed.  I hadn't played Scrabble in many years and got off to a quick start but the I never did get any tile valued over 4 so my lead was lost eventually and I think I ended up last in a very close game.
As we left there to go back on Buzzer, it started to rain again, this time more seriously.  By the time I dropped off MaryAnn I could see that I was going to get drenched going east but I really had no choice.  There was almost no traffic so I just took an even, steady pace and yes, got good and soaked.  My first stop in the house was in the laundry room.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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