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Tuesday May 15, 2018 Visitors

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Tuesday May 15, 2018
I had a bad night Monday, tossing and turning, and I had to be up early today for a visit by Alex and Cecilia which is always pleasant.  They brought me a cute of caramelized crabapples which is really tasty.  As usual, they change DVD's to last them another week in the country where they have no TV or Internet.  They say that they are planning a trip to Italy soon.
I had also submitted an ad to GringoPost for publishing Monday containing 3 photos for this camera I am helping Nancy to sell:

For some unknown reason they only published the first one...  And they also forgot my Saturday ad for the house...  I am not too pleased with the service of late, especially when I am paying for the Real Estate ads.
I still have the SRI IVA refund papers on my desk but cannot bring myself yet to undergo the frustration of trying to submit online.  I will have to do that only after I have had a very good sleep.
I am bearing down and getting to work on photos to sell (of which I actually sold 2 items today, a good day!) because my supply had dwindled due to my laziness.  I am working on Pase Del Nino photos from last year, where I did not take many, but I need to work hard on amending the lousy backgrounds which means that I probably spend close to an hour on each photo, so it is very time-consuming and hard on the eyes.  This is a labour of love because getting about $30 a month from photo sales is nothing to crow about.
I finally got the call about the house from the relatives of the Matute family who own the Matuchef restaurant in the next block.  I sent them photos and the write-up on the house and they came back very quickly with another very low-ball offer which I had no trouble refusing.  I have given them my bottom-end price and will let the chips fall where they may.  I am not going to give away this beautiful house and regret that every day, like I do selling the house in Okotoks.
There were tentative plans to lunch with Gustavo and ride with the new group "Adventure Team Cuenca Paseo Del Motos" in the evening but that all got  changed.  Gustavo called, asking again for a favor, to help out some University students with their English homework.  They came over with Sunduche de Pernil (pulled pork sandwich) and Jugo de Coco (coconut juice) and we got to work.
The girls had 3 pictures of two people together, first like a business meeting, the second like arguing in a library, and the third seated at a bus stop.  The idea was to describe the impression they were giving each other and use as many of the canned phrases, which were really stilted, in writing a paragraph about each photo.  The differences in perceptions was startling and the descriptions were simplistic and cute.  I took their responses and re-arranged things in normal English parlance, printed it off, and they transcribed this in their own handwriting into their workbooks.
They also had a page done by the third member of their team who had to describe life in another country and he had chosen Dubai.  His work seemed to be less trouble because he had obviously tried to paraphrase things off of the Internet and, again, it was mostly idiomatic corrections that were needed.
With all this work I do not even venture out of the house, hence no other photos to regale you with...  I am sorry.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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