Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday May 20, 2018 More Hibernation

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Sunday May 20, 2018
So many things intrude on my time, and yet, I am mostly bored silly, the same as my poor wife in Colombia as we deal with our enforced separation.  I watch a lot of tennis, basketball, baseball and UFC to kill time in the evenings.  Again, last night I did not sleep well and am not sure if it was because of the spicy chips or the sugary fruit juice that was the culprit.
I have very little inclination to venture out much when the threat of rain is almost constant.  My wife complains of the same thing in Tulua.
I have begun working on photos going back to last May and, while it is certainly time-consuming and hard on the eyes and hands, I do get a surge of satisfaction when I come up with a delightful artwork as a finished product.  It also helps pass the time in a productive way.
I had a fellow come to my door with his wife and mother and he turns out to be the owner of the video store where I bought most of my 700 DVD movies.  He always treated me right but I doubt that he has the money for this house.  
I also received 2 emails from 2 vastly different email addresses purporting to be from a US Colonel working with the British Army in the Middle East who is interested in my house.  I smell scam all over that contact,... but I can't afford to be silly and ignore it, just in case it is on the up-and-up.
I also have been in contact with my buddy Tom who lives in northern Colombia in the mountains.  I saw an interesting old car for sale up there that I hoped he would check out, but his first sage advice was to not buy any cars from that area..  He says the city is "vertical", almost all mountainsides, meaning most cars would have great strain on the clutches and brakes almost continuously.  He is a smart boy, my Tom.
Tom also gave me some good advice about moving money between countries using an online place called
It was raining hard this morning and I saw that Tom Thumb and Andrea The Giant has drained the feeder 2 days in a row.   I might have to go back to checking twice a day again.
Oh yeah, I talk to Cristina every day on WhatsApp and it is exciting to  be able to see the progress of our little injured NeNe, who is working hard to walk again after being run over by two motorscooters.  With Cristina's love, and the physiotherapy from the vet, NeNe is moving around on 3 feet and also on all 4 feet when he is feeling amorous for our Turi, lol.  That does our heart good to rescue such  sweet animal.
Sorry, no ambition for pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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