Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Tuesday May 29, 2018 Paseo

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Tuesday May 29, 2018
Tuesday Happy 102nd Birthday Mom.  Hope you are enjoying your reunification with Dad and Lucien, Lucien, Jeanne and Simone.
Rain, rain go away.  Dreary mornings are getting old.
I had a nice visit from Nancy and Oswaldo today and we went out for lunch together.  At least it rained while we were inside the mall.
Nancy was having problems with Immigration and Oswaldo was kind enough to accompany her to sort it out, something about putting the left leg in the pants first or some such silly thing Immigration forgot to do in order.
I ate and read until it was time to go out with the Tuesday scooter group.  6 bikes and 7 people came tonight for a nice ride south to Tarqui and back via the old road by the new jail.
They decided to go again to Q'Monstruos for a bite and, for some unknown reason, I ordered not one, but two meals, even though I was not hungry..  No willpower I guess.  I enjoyed the $1.50 pulled pork sandwich and shared my $1.50 pizza.
I had taken the Lumix with me tonight but, the first time I tried to use it, it gave an error message and the lens stayed zoomed out and wouldn't close.  So I carefully wrapped it in cloth and put it in the carry-all at the back of the bike.  When I got home it decided that it wanted to work again... go figure.  Maybe the jostling on the ride did it some good...
So all the photos tonight are taken with my Motorola G4+ phone...
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Another soggy bottom day

Nancy and Oswaldo came to visit

Gathering at La Merced, next to Goza Cafe

6 bikes tonight

Main stop at Tarqui

Above the new jail (all that bright light - it is huge)

Nice spot for photos for sure.  At least they stopped tonight.

Q'Monstruos is on Paseo De Los Canaris

Pizza and a drink for $1.50

Artwork by Jacqueline's husband

Jacqueline looked after us well.