Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tuesday May 8, 2018 Dogs

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Tuesday May 8, 2018
After walking the dogs during a sprinkling of rain, which I could hardly feel, I tried to see if the LG stereo belonging to our niece Ana would play international DVD’s like mine.  While they are similar units it appears that Ana’s only plays CD’s, and not DVD’s.  Darn!  I need a region-free unit to play my many Canadian DVD's so I guess that I need to do some hunting..

I came across the following on Facebook and must share this because it is easily the best explanation of Grief that I have ever encountered:
I am certainly no stranger to grief, especially after having lost 2 wives and countless friends and relatives to cancer and other causes.  The happiness of coming from huge French-Canadian families is a double-edged sword as everyone inevitably ages.  Grief is very visible at first and then it becomes a constant background to our daily life as we inwardly react with sadness, but genuine affection, to remembrances caused by a song, a mannerism, a thought, a fond memory, or a photograph, in most cases.  We never stop grieving,.. in fact we feel completely disloyal if we don't grieve as often as we should, completely privately, because others can't really share this very personal emotion.

Nene continues to improve and the vet came again today to give the little guy some exercises.  Nene just breaks my heart with his pathetic look which seems to change to ecstasy when we give him attention and a little tender massage.  I would be so deliriously happy if the little guy regains his mobility.
The others dogs are so tolerant and such a pleasure.  Like people, they all have their own, very distinctive personalities, and they have burrowed their way deep into our hearts.  I sure miss them in Cuenca.
Cristina and I did a little run to a small grocery called ARA to pick up a few items, then came back and had a late lunch.  
Then I am watching, from Colombia, Canadian Milos Raonic, win a tennis match against Dimitrov in Madrid, Spain.  Gotta love global sports.
It was a lovely afternoon so Cristina suggested that we go get a few more missing items at a different, larger, ARA grocery in a different direction.  Then it was time for a quick nap.
I got up to do this Blog and I could swear that I could hear Cristina downstairs but I knew that I just left her in the bedroom.  I double-checked, and yes, she was still in the bedroom.  Then I hear the voice downstairs again and cautiously asked who the heck was in our house.  Adiela almost gave me a heart-attack when she came into view holding one of the dogs…  Whew….
I had 3 different contacts via WhatsApp about the house yesterday, one from a previous realtor who says he has a client, one from a neighbor in the next block, and one curious about the price, but preferring unfurnished….  Oh I will be so glad when this is over and I can be here to help Cristina.
While the house in Colombia is far from perfect, it will serve our purposes for a while until we can make more permanent arrangements for the future.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Not the same LG unit that I have.. darn.

Little Nene is a fighter

It must be long days for him, but he is in no apparent pain, just paralysis on his right side

Young Raton is learning to mind her manners

Buddy is the man of the house

Princesa is my precious one

Mariposa is the funny, crazy one

Turi is my laid-back beauty

Come on Nene, work hard and join the group