Saturday, May 26, 2018

Saturday May 26, 2018 Joes' Secret Garden

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Saturday May 26, 2018
Thursday night it was raining but I slipped out for supper on Buzzer during a break and, of course, got  a bit wet.  That also made up my mind that the Herederos would not be riding.
Friday was another dull, wet day but I walked to Coral and got a few groceries.  I had lunch, watched a little sports then happened on a docudrama with the secret interviews of Princess Diana used to write the controversial book about the time she broke up with Prince Charles.  I couldn't pull myself away, then that was followed by something called "Harry: Four weddings and a Funeral", all about Prince Harry.  These were on the National Geographic channel and I was mesmerized.  Then a Baseball game came on, followed by the Bellator (UFC) and I was watching the boob tube almost 11 hours... more than I have watched in one day in several years.
This morning I called Cristina and she seemed in good spirits but complaining about the heat and the boredom.  A very happy thing for us is that the little pup, NeNe, is improving and walking again, although the right front foot needs some work yet.  This is such a relief for us as Cristina was so worried that he wasn't going to survive the first few days and then worried that they might have to put him down.  I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to know that my good-hearted wife and our encouraging words have managed to save this little fighter.  He will be such a good addition to our little "family".
This afternoon was the big European championship futbol match and my team, Real Madrid, came out on top again.  It didn't hurt that the Liverpool goalie had a really bad game and committed two unforgiveable errors.
The sky showed some blue behind the grey so I took a chance on going on Buzzer to enjoy fish'n'chips'n'shrimp at Joes' Secret Garden.  It was a fun, noisy crowd tonight, especially at our table and we really enjoyed the meal.  As always, I ran into many old friends and renewed acquaintances.
It was sprinkling a bit in the west end as I started home but it was dry by the time I got to our side of the cemetery.  I had dug my old 1992 rain slicker out from under Buzzer's seat and wore that tonight.  It did the trick OK.
I hope you enjoy the pictures, taken with the Lumix.  That was the day’s excitement.
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