Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thursday May 24, 2018 SRI

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Thursday May 24, 2018
This morning, in spite of a poor sleep, I was determined to get this SRI IVA refund business squared away while there was a touch of sunshine.  My buddy Regina sent me info to go for free help to a place called NAF, 2 blocks from the SRI office.  It took me a moment to realize that this is the same place that SRI was trying to send me to with the pamphlet they supplied, copy below...
This place is on Remigio Tamariz 6-30, which is a one-way westerly, so it is easiest to come in from Solano, at the gas station, then go 1/2 block before you are going to hit Avenida Loja.
NAF has 4 places connected with 3 Universities that we can go to (again see below) for help, staffed by knowledgeable University students, no doubt part of a practicum for their University courses.  
The girl I dealt with spoke no English but I got along OK with my intermediate Spanish.  From what I gathered, I have to actually do two submissions at once, splitting the places that send me electronic receipts (facturas) and those that only work with basic paper receipts.  I was probably there 20 minutes and the girl re-organized, and re-input the paper receipt details and I was good to go.  I confirmed that I can return next month again if I have problems.  
Of course, I hit some piddly rain on the way home but it was dry in our barrio so I decided to slip out to the bakery, get some cookies, then stop to see Maria, the vegetable lady in our block.  Naturally I had to stop under somebody's awning while a 5 minute rain deluge passed by.  The rivers are really high today so some place are going to get flooded for sure.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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This is the office of NAF at Remigio Tamariz 6-30

Note the hours of operation

A free service

This is the pamphlet

These are the 4 locations available

2 dozen cookies for $1

6 dozen cookies don't last me too long....