Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday May 7, 2018 The Big 50

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Monday May 7, 2018
Nene, the injured dog, continues to improve and is enjoying our company.  I am enjoying the dogs so much but am really not getting out as often with them as I would like, because it is the rainy season here too.

Happy Birthday Cristina !!!!!!
Because it is my beautiful wife's Big 5-0 today I just let her dictate whatever she wanted to do today.  So we got up around 8am, did our usual chores each, then crawled back for a 2-hour nap at 11am.
Then she wanted to go browse around the shopping center close to here and she got to choose the meal she wanted, then an Irish Coffee when her sister Adiela joined us.
We looked at many, many clothing and shoe stores, checked out the theater upstairs (3 of 4 theaters showing the new Avengers movie), and checked out furniture.  We found a $500 electric recliner for me but it was not very adjustable, and it was not really that comfortable..  It also was leather which I would not like in this heat.  
We made it home before the heavens opened for a bit and the dogs were very happy to see us.
Cristina doesn't want any fuss made over her birthday but she does appreciate posts to her Facebook I noticed.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Princesa, Buddy, Turi, and Mariposa

Buddy is the Alpha male in this house

Raton (means Mouse) and Turi

Princesa my darling

4 of the 6 dogs

Yup, it's official

I am really a lucky man

Her sister Adiela is 2 years her senior

We had a long time in the mall

Yes, I am oh so very lucky