Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday May 18, 2018 Award

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Friday May 18, 2018
I forgot to mention that when I came home from the 3-hour Herederos ride Thursday night that I was shocked to see that my front door was ajar, again...  I tentatively looked inside to be sure that nothing was missing, and nothing was Thank God.  Then I checked the door to see that "Operator Error" was definitively the cause again.  I had locked the locks but had not ascertained that the latches were engaged in the first place.  How I could have missed that is anybody's guess...  Mine is old age and hurriedness.  The good news is that I live in an exceedingly safe neighbourhood and there is very little foot traffic close to my door.
I was informed that those who were nominated for the Governor's Humanitarian Award could pick up their certificate today in Gringolandia, so I took Buzzer for a spin.  When I arrived, I saw my old ride, Toxic, outside of Fox Gym so I went in search of Rick, its new owner.  Rick told me again how delighted he is with that eminently reliable machine, so much so that he hates to think about upgrading.  I mentioned that Buzzer may possibly on the block soon and to let me know if he is interested...
The Award is printed on such beautiful nice shiny paper, so I am going to laminate it for protection.  Again I am proud and humbled to have been nominated for such a thing.
I got home in time to carve up a 48c large head of cabbage for my lunches.  This particular head was good for 7 lunches to be combined with my usual cucumber, tomato, granadilla, apple, oil, vinegar, mayo and spices.  This is a hearty healthy meal that never gets old.
Now to start work again on last year's photos.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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I will be laminating this keepsake for posterity

Bright sunrise this morning

Toxic without the decals still looks great

Huge bowl of chopped up cabbage

6 for the fridge and one for the tummy

I never get tired of this very healthy meal