Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday May 11, 2018 Return

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Friday May 11, 2018
I even walked the dogs twice this morning before we left the house to walk to the bus station at 10am.  It seems so silly that the buses drive so close to the Cali airport but continue another 20 miles into town, where we have to catch another bus to the airport.  It must be another of those Latino make-work schemes.
At the Cali airport I was surprised to see Avianca workers handling the TAME customers.  I complimented them that I thought they were very generous to help like that!  I don't know if that is the reason why, but I saw that my seating for all 3 flights were in 3D, FIRST CLASS!!!!  That was a first!  I saw the Avianca gal just outside the door of the jet so I went out to thank her profusely.  The extra space and leg room is truly divine.
The trips went rather quickly because I buried my nose in a good book.  
At Esmeraldas I actually got pulled in for an extra check of my backpack.  I don't mind reasonable security checks.
Once I hit Quito I made sure to head to Cinnabon where I ordered a Cubano Panini and a large Cinnabon, plus a drink.  The Panini wasn't bad but the Cinnabon was dry and tasteless,.. very disappointing after craving them so much.
I caught a taxi home from the Cuenca airport and this guy decided to take a scenic route so he could make a $2 ride into a $3.50 ride.  And his meter was clicking over so fast that it wasn't kosher either.  I got out early and paid the jerk $3.  They don't argue too much when they know they have been caught.

My friend Frank from Australia was winging to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam today to go pull the plug on a friend's life support.  That also pounds home the problems associated with dying in a foreign country.  Ecuador is definitely a place you don't want to die without having all the paperwork in order (more Latino make-work projects).  A lot of the expats here are so flip about it, not realizing the nightmare they leave for their families.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Waiting in the Cali airport

Wow!  FIRST CLASS seats for 3 flights

Oh, I could used to being in FIRST CLASS!!

I think this is the whole Ecuadorian Air Force gathered here

Refueling at Esmeraldas

View from Quito airport