Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thursday April 5, 2018 Herederos

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Thursday April 5, 2018
Some days are diamonds, some days are stone…  John Denver
I actually got a lot accomplished today!  I even cut and laminated all my awards after taking them out of their frames here so they will make the trip to Colombia eventually.
Yesterday I again heard that fellow photographer Bill Riordan had passed away recently but I certainly heard nothing on social media that I can recall.  Bill was known for taking the photos for the Cuenca Symphony.  RIP.
I heard good news from friends Linda and Lee that they have a pending deal on their condo so they may be back here in late May for that final goodbye to Cuenca.  Who knows..??  I may still be here and will get the opportunity to enjoy their company again.
I went downtown and ran into a couple of teachers from a local English school.  They are Ecuadorian and worried about their pronunciation and diction, so they asked if we could do a reciprocal English-Spanish language exchange.  That really shocked me because they don’t even know me but seemed so keen on the idea.  In a weak moment I said yes, probably because of the boredom and, just maybe, if I get busy again, that will cause the house to sell and make me break some commitments..???  Sad idea huh?  Maybe just getting stupid in my old age.
I am getting lazy too, using the little Lumix lately...
I had called Gustavo and he was going over to the Herederos ride tonight and he said yes so I went as well.  However they were only having a meeting about changing the format of the Herederos to a friendly meet-up of people who want to ride, no more structure...  They will keep the Facebook page and the WhatsApp notices (which I don't follow anyway) so I can't see that much is going to change.  It either has to be interesting, with a fun ride or people stop showing up...
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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The 2nd and 5th gals are the ones for English

Gotta love these carved wooden doors

La Merced has been beautifully repainted

Yes, the sky was that colour in the rain

Herederos meeting of the minds

There was an art display happening too