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Friday April 27, 2018 Interview

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Friday April 27, 2018
At the dance on Wednesday my buddy Gustavo had asked me if I would consider doing and interview in English for a friend of his.  Because I was pretty tipsy I just said "Sure", without even asking who, what for, or anything...
The interview was set for today at 12:30 and we met at the Peruvian restaurant at Borrero and Cordova.  My #13 bus stops right in front.  The interviewers were late and they turned out to be 2 University of Cuenca students, about 22 years of age, called Leonela and Irene, who needed to do this project in the aid of English pronunciation.  Each of them were to ask 5 questions (like "what do you like about Cuenca") and do a video from 5-7 minutes.  
The restaurant was much too loud so we went to Gustavo's house, also on Cordova, and set up in the living room, but it soon became apparent that the passing traffic, especially the many buses made that room too loud as well.  So we set up in the kitchen.
After many trial and error tries, Gustavo settled on his little Sony HandyCam because of the superiority of the microphone.  Irene, especially, was painfully timid and shy, so we had to build up her confidence a lot to get her voice loud enough to register.
It is a good thing that I was able to see the questions beforehand and scribble down some crib notes or else I would have been bumbling and fumbling my way through with my poor memory.  As it was, I tried to give full answers, no simple yes or no's, and the video ended up at 8 minutes and 3 seconds.  There was a flub at the beginning that needed to be cropped off anyway, so hopefully they could get it back into the 7-minute+ range.
Then the fun was to try to download the video from the proprietary Sony to a computer (Gustavo had 3 different computers available, maybe more) and that proved to be a complete hassle because either the Sony was not cooperating or it was the computer...  Sony has their own sized memory cards and cables that make using their products a bit of a nightmare.
Anyway, I hope they eventually got it sorted out because I had to leave to be home to await the buyer of Nancy's Canon T3 camera at 5pm.  Naturally she did not show up for the second night in a row, and no courtesy call either.  I contacted the go-between, a photographer named Eduardo, and he said she had opted to buy a Nikon, probably because the boyfriend was a Nikon shooter.  I hate to mention it yet again, but the me-first attitude of Ecuadorians (and most Latinos) wears a little thin after a while.  They don't understand how to respect (the time of) persons other than family...
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Irene and Leonola, my interviewers

$300 for this like-new Canon T3 camera kit. - It's a steal...