Sunday, April 8, 2018

Saturday April 7, 2018 Joes' Secret Garden

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Saturday April 7, 2018
Yesterday we had a tragedy in Canada.  A bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos hockey team was t-boned by a semi near Nipawin, Saskatchewan.  At last count 13 players, the coach, and a newspaper reporter were dead and 2 others were still on the critical list.  I believe there were 11 others that should survive this horrific event.
My cousin Denis Bourassa informed me that one of the dead was a relative, Xavier LaBelle, great-grandson of my great-aunt Mederise.  I have to admit that I hardly know anyone from that family considering that I have thousands of cousins I have never met.  When you come from families as big as ours, death is a constant somewhere, but nobody can get accustomed to the loss of youngsters who are just beginning their lives.  Our sincere condolences to all the families.
While I certainly wasn't in the mood, and it rained just as I went to leave, forcing me to take a bus, I did manage to make my way to Joes' Secret Garden to connect with friends.  This was arranged since last Sunday to meet with Frank and Rita, Oswaldo, Nancy and Dara.  Oswaldo had a family funeral tonight so he had to cancel at the last moment.  But we had a good time and saw a lot of familiar faces who seem to all ask why I am still in Cuenca....
I hope you enjoy the picture.  That was the day’s excitement.

Al, Rita, Nancy, Dara & Frnk

 Late addition, photo by Tulli at Joes'
Marilyn, Al, Nancy, Rita & Frank