Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday April 23, 2018 Housebound

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Monday April 23, 2018
Sunday was another "do the chores, watch sports and read a book" kind of day, with nothing else of any value happening.
Today is not much different except that I decided to be pro-active about my trip to Colombia May 4.  Remember that the payment for my ticket was returned to my account so that has really been bothering me.  I checked the Orbitz site and I am shown as confirmed for the flights.  I cannot bring up my reservation on the TAME site so I emailed them for confirmation.  I called Orbitz again and had them re-confirm that everything is OK with my flight, which they claim it is, and to find out who, and why, returned my payment.  I am not out to cheat anyone, I just want to be in Colombia for Cristina's 50th....
On Cuenca HighLife  they have a story about a girl with the same name as Cristina's:  
I decided to amend my signage on the house because of silliness that occurred when I was in Colombia last time.  Nobody was calling Oswaldo (who doesn't want me to sell, so he is not reliable) and I received about 4 calls somehow in Colombia.  Since almost everyone here uses WhatsApp I changed my signs accordingly so they can easily call me or text me and it doesn't cost me anything.
I slipped out today just to give Buzzer a little run and to get a bite to eat at Pizza House, before stopping at my bank to exchange 3 - $20's for 12 - $5's because I am again going to work the door for the OBG dance on Wednesday.
Oh, and Buzzer is again running fine and starting easily, thanks to the last smart intervention of the mechanic Geovanny.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Still for sale

Cheap way to amend the main sign

And I made a couple of these