Monday, April 16, 2018

Sunday April 15, 2018 Toral Visit

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Sunday April 15, 2018
I came downstairs for my usual exercise routine and was shocked to see that I had left the door open sometime yesterday, probably when I was checking Buzzer for starting and got frustrated when it did not fire, again.  The door was ajar about 3 inches for probably 14 hours or more and nothing was touched or missing.  That says something about the great neighborhood that I live in.
This day was very special because it was another day spent with good friends from around the globe.  We were invited first to brunch at Oswaldo's sister Ilsa's penthouse on Ordonez Lasso with an amazing view of the Andes, Cajas and the Tomebamba.  This 3-storey penthouse was spectacular and we could look down to see indigenous families washing clothes in the river below.  
Lunch was a collection of different Ecuadorian dishes, all delicious and very rich.  
This was basically a farewell lunch for Frank and Rita who return to Mississauga, Ontario on Tuesday morning.  Fabiola and Nancy were on hand as well with Oswaldo and Ilsa so we had a lovely time as always.
But the day was not over yet...  I rode Buzzer back home and then was picked up by the group in Oswaldo's monstrous Crown Victoria and we took the back road to Ucubamba to the finca (acreage) owned by Oswaldo and his brother Alfredo.  Alfredo's wife and 2 boys were there with wife and girlfriend as well.  Later, more of the youngsters' friends came but they enjoyed themselves separately.
We enjoyed ourselves with good conversation and dancing in the "country bar" setup that is part of the house.  That section contains many artifacts collected over the years by the two brothers, some from when Alfredo did actually own a country bar.  We were hoping to ride the mechanical bull that is located in another section of the yard but Alfredo said that it was dirty and not operational.
All in all, a great day thanks to the Toral family and the other guests.  Bon Voyage Frank & Rita.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Couldn't resist this silhouette in the lobby

And who could resist this magnificent view from the 11th floor?  Love this room!

Families washing clothes in the Tomebamba

Fabiola and Rita in this fabulous condo

Frank taking photos and videos

Nancy, Oswaldo, Fabiola, Ilsa, Nancy & Frank

What a great group of friends

Ilsa insisted on taking one with me in it...

A view west to the Cajas

The direct view to the south

Gotta love the antiques

That is only the kitchen area!

Starting to enjoy the Bolones de Verdes soup

Thank you Ilsa for inviting us all

The special potatoes are very filling

Dates in cream for dessert

Alfredo opening the gate at the finca

Alfredo and Rita coming down from viewing the treehouse

Alfredo's 2 sons, with the older one's wife

The infamous country bar where we drink too much

Oswaldo & Fabiola on the dance floor