Friday, April 13, 2018

Thursday April 12, 2018 Celebrations

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Thursday April 12, 2018
Happy Birthday Cuenca.  Lots of celebrations today.
I changed the house ad this morning and dropped the price again, this time to $130,000, still leaving myself a little less negotiating room.  I contacted all my realtor friends and gave them all the new information.  Wednesday I had a lady who works at the IESS Hospital come through.  She will be back Friday with her son.
I called Gustavo about the Herederos ride tonight and he said he was not going.  He thought that the guys were going to a big celebration at the AXXO bike location.
A realtor stopped by this afternoon as I was slipping out to Coral and I showed him quickly through the house.  Then I sent him all the photos and information as well.
At Monay Mall they had a Mariachi band downstairs who were so very loud and the singer was off-key half the time, not enjoyable at all....
I had received a flyer under the door about a celebration at the Santa Lucia Pedestrian Bridge so I looked that up online.  It turns out that this is the new bridge just 1/2 mile east of me near the police station, so I decided to make an appearance.  It said 7pm to start so I waited from about 6:30 on, but nobody showed up..  I couldn't figure out where I went wrong..  A later look at the flyer showed me that the event is tomorrow...
I went to the Broken Bridge and walked over to see the noise happening at Parque De La Madre.  That didn't seem very interesting yet either.  The main stuff probably started later.
Back at the Broken Bridge, nobody had shown up by 8pm so I left there as well, not a happy camper.  I cruised Remigio Crespo twice but couldn't find the AXXO store and so I just roamed around.  Purely by accident, road closures sent me near my Banco Del Austro and, lo and behold, the new AXXO store is just kitty-corner, and it was noisy.  They had guys doing wheelies and stunts, one guy from Colombia trying wheelies with up to 4 people on the bike, pretty hard, and pretty stupid too.  Then they had the bunch try and do a wheelie in a ring of fire, ...that fizzled...  Anyway, as I was leaving they shot off a few fireworks.  Glad that all that noise is nowhere close to home.
The first 3 shots were taken with my phone, and the balance with the Sony.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Mariachi band from above

Looking across from the 2nd floor

Very noisy, and an off-key singer

Our new pedestrian bridge is open for business

It is quite impressive for a steel and wood structure

Fancy sidewalk on the south side

Lots of pretty lighting

I am impressed!

View east from the bridge
And the view west

Isn't this pretty???

Lots of timber in this project

A view to the Southwest

A view to the southeast

A view to the southeast 2

Tree Sculpture at Parque De La Madre

Noisy here too

Practicing wheelies

Some of the AXXO bikes on display

Pretty gal handing out flyers

KamaSutra position, 2 on the bike

Doing a wheelie this way

Now we have 3 on the bike doing a wheelie

Oh that Burning Ring of Fire

4 on the bike trying a wheelie near the fire

Some fireworks

And my last shot of the night - Good night.