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Friday April 6, 2018 Rescues

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Friday April 6, 2018
Through the Camera Club we were invited to join a tour sponsored by La Yunta to two rescue centers in Tarqui.  I had heard of these before, and had seen some great photos so it was intriguing enough to pony up $20 and go.
La Yunta is a restaurant a few miles south of Cuenca on the PanAmerica highway.  They picked us up in a nice bus at Otorongo Plaza and took us first to the Yurak Allpa Rescue Center.
This Center was started many years ago by a man named Alberto to help the Government when they changed the law to outlaw the ownership of exotic pets.  Eventually the place was opened to the public on weekends only.
When you arrive you can pick up a small bucket of vegetables with which to feed the different animals.  The animals are very accustomed to this routine so most come close to the fence line and you are able to pet deer and tapir for example.  There are many ostriches free to roam the compound and they can be very aggressive in trying to get at the food.  It is a good thing the monkeys are caged or there would be major problems.
I was using the Sony with the 18-70 lens for this tour and it worked well enough.
Because of the fencing, in many cases, I needed to switch to manual focus.  
Next they took us another mile down the road to the Cetreria Rescue Center which houses wild raptors, hawks, falcons, eagles, etc.  At present they have 3 birds in residence and I am sorry that I have forgotten their names and exact
 genus.  The one with the bright yellow beak has a funny walk that they have named a local dance after...  The hawk with the red wings loved to screech and was very impressive.  However the huge blue-grey eagle caught my fancy in its relationship with its handler, a young man who lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps with it apparently.  The love between the two was so very touching that I doubt the bird will ever leave his side.
The birds they work with are sometimes damaged, wings clipped, etc. and some have to be taught how to hunt to survive.  The are sometimes relased into the wild or returned to places like the Amaru Zoo that supplied them for training in survival and co-mingling skills.
Most in our group were able to handle the birds with the heavy gloves  but I contented myself to taking photos with the 70-300 lens.
Then we returned to La Yunta for a delicious lunch.  I opted for the beef lasagna and it was awesome, followed by a decent-sized apple crisp with vanilla ice cream.
Overall I took about 240 pictures and whittled them down to 96.  It still took over 6 hours of processing to get these ready...

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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