Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday April 19, 2018 Herederos

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Thursday April 19, 2018
Alex and Cecilia stopped by today for a quick visit.  Always  pleasure to chat with them.
I added a few more photos that I found on the Lumix to yesterday's Blog, if you want to re-check that one.
I had problems with Buzzer starting again last night so I took it to Geovanny again and we brainstormed.  He swears it is not a problem with the alternator or the battery so he took a look at the electrical gadgets that were added since I bought it and he determined that the main culprit was a bad alarm installation.  While we were at it, I had him replace the racing windscreen with a proper road light.
Today I had one realtor return for more information on the size of the house and another Ecuadorian return with her sister from New Jersey.  I am mildly hopeful that we could come up with something before I leave on May 4th.
Grocery shopping is so easy for 1 person, 20 minutes and $40 and I am done for the week...
The Herederos were working hard to try to get people to come out tonight and re-connect with the group but only 5 of us showed up, kinda sad....  But we did go for a nice ride up to Ricaurte.   And, the new light system worked perfectly!  We'll have to see if Buzzer continues to start properly so we will know that we have indeed licked that problem.  Even the electric start is hooked up now.
Now, if brains were dynamite lately, I wouldn't have enough to blow my nose,... at least I think that is the saying...  All my photos tonight from the Herederos are crap except the last 3, all because it took me that long to realize that I could not hear the camera focusing... way too much background noise everywhere.  My camera was still on manual focus from yesterday's course...
Good grief, maybe I should find a new hobby...  And I'm supposed to be the best photographer in Cuenca...  HAH!
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Old Buzzer getting a facelift

The new Buzzer

The big discussion

My fuzzy riding companions

5 guys, 5 bikes

Getting set to go to Ricaurte

Huge crowd waiting to go in to the church

More fuzzy companions

Last bad shot

OMG, not another Beetle...???

Nice church dominates the area

Pretty decent cupola