Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday April 8, 2018 SigSig

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Sunday April 8, 2018
Today Cecilia & Alex asked me to join them and a group of friends for a picnic in SigSig, a small town about an hour or more to the east.  The morning started of nice but quickly degenerated into heavy cloud.
I was picked up in front of the Hospital IESS by the family of Diego and Claudia and more of the group which hail from Colombia.   I was tasked to bring dessert for 10 people which it turns out was only about 1/2 of the people who showed up.
We had a big crowd and we went way down to the river to a huge park that I did not even know existed.  We commandeered the major portion of the biggest gazebo and a group of 5 Ecuadorians had the remainder (but they supplied the music).
There was a lot of food supplied, different sausages, roast beef, pork ribs, rice, beans, yucca, and much more.
Groups went to the river, swam, skipped rocks and more while others played a little keep-away soccer mostly.  Then the music started up and we couldn't keep our feet still.
The weather turned to a heavy drizzle and the breeze was darn cool for a long while, so we just danced all the more.  During a break in the rain we packed up and returned through another rainstorm.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Nice sunrise this morning

Taking over the huge gazebo

This quick-tent helped keep some kids occupied for a while

Partial view of the main area of the park

Looking right to the wading area of the river (very rocky)

Booting a soccer ball outside while we had sun

Setting up our BBQ area

Alex was right in there

A view from the wading area

The young boys were brave

It really was a beautiful big place

Some of the meat on the BBQ

Beautiful walking bridge over the river

Another view of this lovely bridge

Alex & Cecilia got the dancing underway

Surprise, you are on Candid Camera

Even Cecilia got involved with the soccer ball

This young lady is 20 years old...

The soccer balls got workouts today

After sausages, etc, came the main meal...

The other folks were cooking guinea pig (cuy)

Esther is a good poser

She knows where the camera is

Watching happenings along the river

Jacket weather, and dancing to keep warm

The other group got up to dance as well (their music!)

Most of the group (minus me a 2 young girls)

A second shot for good luck

and a third, just in case...