Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wednesday April 18, 2018 Macro work

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Wednesday April 18, 2018
Monday I took Buzzer to my mechanic Geovanny and left it with him for the day.  Even though it was threatening drizzle, I decided to get some exercise and took the long walk home.
I had two sets of Ecuadorians look at the house and both them have to sell a house first...   Still hoping for that cash deal...
I got contacted to come to a luncheon or whatever because I was nominated (apparently by more than one person) for that Governor’s Humanitarian award again, but I wrote the organizers not to waste their time on me. There are way more deserving people than me and I am leaving the country anyway.  After some back-and-forth messages they finally agreed to stroke me off the list.
Tuesday,   I picked up Buzzer and Geovanny swears that I should not have trouble, and he didn't charge me anything.  We'll see... 
I had agreed to help my friend Nancy sell a couple of cameras, a nice Canon T3 and a cute little Canon Powershot, so I spent a good portion of the day gathering info, cleaning things, gathering a proper kit, etc then doing up some ads.  
I also went to Banco Del Austro to get my new Debit card and it actually was ready, so it is activated and ready to go.
Today I was surprised to see that the ad I submitted for Nancy's cameras late last night was in GringoPost this morning.  I was on my way to an all-day macro photography course and now had visions of my phone ringing and interrupting the meeting.  I needn't have worried.
The course was put on by Jack Twiggs, VP of the Cuenca Camera Club and it was orderly, informal, informative and fun.  At lunchtime we all went out and gathered a few odd subjects to shoot, but noting compared to the live beetle that came in from Azogues (they have tons of them there).  I tried with the Sony big zoom with a macro adapter that I found in the bag.  I was amazed that with a 75-300 zoom I could easily get within 2 inches of my subject, much to the consternation of said beetle....  And I was somewhat happy with the macro capability of the Lumix as well.  Having said that, I warn you that my photos are not great just because of the need to be exactly in perfect steady position with no camera shake.  Then to control the depth-of-field on an uneven object is another challenge.  You just can't accomplish any of that properly when shooting hand-held, especially when the said subject decides to move.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Some of the things recommended for a macro shoot

Hey, hey it's the Beetles

A Beetle leg..

A leaf that I brought from home

Another long fern-style leaf

This flower was smaller than a dime

A bushy from hopelessly out-of-focus, but I like the result

A tiny part of a bracelet

Some gem rock?

Teeny candies on a cookie

A piece of polished stone

hey, hey.. you know the rest

John, Paul, George or Ringo...  You name him
Found a few more photos on the Lumix....
Some of the folks waiting their turns

Nanaimo Bar at La Cuchara Magica (dessert)