Monday, April 9, 2018

Monday April 9, 2018 Flying again

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Monday April 9, 2018
Happy Birthday Patsy.
This day is certainly one for the books… good and bad…
First we found out that the coroners and RCMP made a horrendous error and confused 2 of the hockey players in the Humboldt Broncos crash.  They first said that our cousin Xavier LaBelle was dead and we reported this to all our relatives.  Today we heard that they had confused 2 of the bodies and that Xavier had actually survived, and a player from Stony Plain, Alberta was the deceased.  What an emotional roller-coaster it must be for these two families in particular.
Because Cristina’s 50th birthday is May 7th, I decided to glance at flight costs.  When I saw reasonable flights totaling $259 on Orbitz again (via Kayak, which allows the senior discount…) I decided to run to the TAME airport office to see if I can get them to apply the $117 credit they were supposedly holding.  After more than ½ hour there they said the best they could do with the credit was $269… Go figure….  He suggested I go to their main office near Millenium Mall, so off I went.  After another ½ hour I got essentially the same story and shrugs…  Nobody has any power to override anything to provide sensible customer service.  This time they said that the $117 credit is sitting with Orbitz, not them, so the story changed again.
Once back at home I called Orbitz, explained the frustration, the new flights I want to take, and the credit that needs to be applied.  After a loooooong wait, a gal named Geetha actually saved me another $10 and the flights cost me only $131.35!!  Then my US Visa was refused and I managed to get it booked with my VISA Debit card…  Trying to get a written confirmation was like pulling teeth, but Geetha finally provided me with a confirmation email.  So I leave May 4 and return May 11.
Now, while I was at the airport I got a call from my local Banco Del Austro saying there was a problem with my debit card with them, so I stopped in on my way home.  The gist is that I am without their Debit Card which I use for groceries, etc for another 8 days while they reissue me under another number….
So now I had to call Visa Credit Card services to find out why their USD card is fouling up….ugh….   Tessa says their automated system blocked me again…  ugh…  And there is no way to block their security system…  They say that we don’t have to let them know that we are traveling, then they pull this horseshit on me… ugh….
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.