Saturday, August 12, 2017

Friday-Saturday August 11-12, 2017 Still Rotten

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Friday-Saturday August 11-12, 2017
I have basically been in bed for 3 solid days but haven't slept a wink, so I am functional, but barely..
The only good thing that happened Friday was that the washing machine repairman did come to pick up the old washer gave Cristina some spending money that she was not sharing with me.
We encountered another fiasco with trying to get end-of-life documents done.  Five and a half months and we have yet to see a document and other people are getting wind of our business...  This is so very upsetting and I will not get into it further unless this "lawyer" decides to push things the wrong way.
Cristina and I gave each other massages with our specialty machines and that helped with much of the arm pain but I still did not sleep a wink, mostly worrying about that darn legal business...
Today is not much better although I felt somewhat better early afternoon but then later I felt too shaky and queasy to attempt to go to Joes', so I had to beg off there.  It is not that I am contagious or anything, I just don't feel steady enough to do a good job, or ride Buzzer safely that distance.
Cristina went to El Centro to spend the washer money and when she came home she found 2 more baby birds unable to fly, so Mother Goose is in full Mother mode with 5 dogs and 2 birds..... and an ailing husband..
Oh, and I got an email from a reader of this Blog who claims that he had similar symptoms caused by compressed vertebrae.  I guess I will find out if that is possibly my case as well when I see the surgeon next week.
Sorry again, no photos. That was the day’s excitement.
Cheers, Al