Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday July 16, 2017 Motocross

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Sunday July 16, 2017
I can't seem to find the invitation to this Motocross event today at the Honda track so I can't give credit for the proper name of it.
I gassed up at the Primax in Capulisbamba and the guy refused to give me a proper factura, even when I told him that it was illegal and he would be denounced...  And I will..
However, at the track  I touched base with the Benenaula family of champions as usual and had a small chat with Andres, the local guy to beat.
I got to see one race with Cristina and two with Andres before taking my leave.  Andres is so head-and-shoulders above the field that he just leaves everybody in his dust, of which I happened to inhale a lot as well.  It was a gorgeous day for riding.  Getting close enough for good action shots means getting some debris thrown our way, an occupational hazard.
One good thing is that the Benenaula clan all wear the Number 5 so it is usually fairly easy to find them.
I hope you enjoy the photos. That was the day’s excitement.
Cheers, Al
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Some early action as I try to locate Cristina B. in this field.

Even the girls can get some pretty good air

A fairly dry and sunny day makes it easier to ride aggressively

Look Ma, I can touch the sign

Early leaders in this race

Going for some serious distance

Here is Cristina

She is usually in the top 5 finishers

They do many turns around the track

I just sit and wait near the biggest jump

Giving it all

Andres is lined up under those yellow banners

Coming around to my area.  Like the shadow..

He is already way ahead of the pack

He asked me to get some corner shots

They really do roar into the corners

Coming around again

The men clear a huge distance on this jump

Higher and farther

Heading to land on the downslope and brake for a tight curve

Fearlessness is the name of the game

The air-time is incredible on this jump

Headed for another win

To the victor go the fans

It is such a hard life

450cc group heading into the first corner after the start

Coming back on the 450 to the big jump area

Andres shows them all how it is to be done

Balancing to land to go into the curve

Concentration on the task at hand

The tight curve heading into the big jump

The leg out helps for stability

And off he goes to complete another lap

Lots of dust and dirt thrown today

Keeping a tight line for the big jump

Cranking on the throttle for speed

This corner is tough when it is wet

Heading for another first place finish

This is the best that the pack can hope to see.