Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday March 10, 2016 Rio Tomebamba

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Thursday March 10, 2016
Our giant hummer, Andrea, is maintaining her vigil on the neighbour's antenna and is still trying to chase away Tom Thumb and kin.  She is big, but certainly not as nimble and quick as they are.  It is fun to watch.
Cristina and I met with friends Sheryle and Melinda to discuss the impending move of Richard and Sheryle to Madrid, Spain, and all the ramifications for their companies here, ...Farpoint Mining, GringoTree and also Hearts Of Gold.  I wanted to get the straight goods, and not to get misinformation from the rumour mill.  Their reasons for moving are very compelling, and complicated, and we wish them well.
In the course of these discussions we were apprised of many new facts about Ecuador in general, and that helped us to solidify a decision that we had been determined to put off for a while.
Therefore our next stop was to visit Joe Spotts and discuss putting our home up for sale.  Cristina has been clamoring to move to Colombia where things are much, much cheaper, so we are going to investigate this with much more vigour now.   Cristina was going to go to Colombia for a visit this month and now it is entirely possible that I may join her on this trek.  Stay tuned.   And if you know someone that is looking to buy a really nice, solid house, ..... have them call me or Joe.
Outside, the heavy rains of the past few days have swollen the Rio Tomebamba and the other 3 rivers, and there have been reports of flooding in some areas.   These rivers are exceedingly shallow and it wouldn't really take much to climb the banks.  We have seen the Rio T climb a good foot within a half hour before....   I am glad that our area is pretty safe from such disasters.
We caught the bus home then rode Toxic over to the Vet Clinic affiliated with the foundation from where we bought our new dog, Turi.  Turi is having digestive issues so we have changed the dog food and purchased some medicine to combat parasites, which we believe to be the culprits.  Hopefully we are right and Turi can again enjot the run of the house.
We then went for the $2 almerzo lunch at my friend Segundo's family's restaurant.  I mean, for $2 you get mote, a large soup, juice, a large main dish and a small dessert.  It is pretty tough to get a filling meal for two under $5 anywhere these days. 
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 

Our new dog, Turi, getting accustomed to his new home.  He loves to watch out the window.

Andrea is keeping a keen eye for Tom and the gang

The Rio Tomebamba is roaring by these days

Many ancient eucalyptus trees are in danger on the banks

It really wouldn't take much to climb these small banks

This soup is almost a meal in itself

Sorry, I was hungry and started eating first...