Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday November 23, 2016 Buzzer

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Wednesday November 23, 2016
Finally I am to pick up my new 2017 Motor 1 Fatty, nicknamed Buzzer, at 5pm and am crossing my fingers there are no more hitches....  Oh, what a fool am I, says the song...  I get there and there is no bike and no mechanic.  They say he is off getting something done so he can attach the luggage carrier.  1/2 hour later he comes back with holes drilled in the rear handles, a scratch on my back fairing, and two metal bars that fit crooked across the rear handles...
So I pitch in to help him secure the new luggage carrier.  Then I notice that the new electrical accessory plug (including 2 USB ports) has been mounted to a bracket between my feet where anyone with 30 seconds to spare can easily steal it....
I don't trust the luggage carrier to stay put if someone leans hard against it, so I know that I will be reinforcing the support.
He shows me how to operate the different things and I sit down with the salesman to finish the paperwork.  I mention the scratch and the fact that the bike has no gas in it and get blank stares ( a whole $2.38 to fill it up)...
Then I look for the Matricula and the licence plate, and... you guessed it, they are not there.  They have had 14 days to get this done and they are blaming it on the Government.  They said it will be ready tomorrow and I can ride it in the meantime because I have the Bill Of Sale with me..  I am busy tomorrow so I said I will be back Friday, and, I added with a little anger, that if the paperwork is not there I will cancel the deal...  I have very little tolerance for such ineptitude.  If it wasn't that their mechanic Pancho was so great, I would have told them to cancel it at 5:05!  As it was, it was now 6:30, getting dark and I don't have my night goggles with me...  I am definitely not a happy camper at this point.
So off I go to gas up 2 blocks away and this is the good news....  I LOVE the new bike!  It is peppy, responsive, and a pleasure to ride.  More later as I get to put it through its paces.
I thought my Lumix was acting oddly when I tried to take a few shots before doing the paperwork.  Without glasses I can't really see the dial and I keep putting it on the Movie mode.  So the photos I am posting are screen captures from the movie...   I am such an idiot sometimes.  I just marked the dial with a sharpie on the Movie setting so I can avoid that problem in the future.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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Oh, what a nice bike!

This was a smart move.

I am gonna LOVE this bike!