Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday November 7, 2016 Paseo

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Monday November 7, 2016
We were up half the night attending to more nasal hemorrhaging from Mariposa.  We had zipped her into the vet about 11pm for an extra injection and inspection and then again at 9am this morning.   And we are going back again later this afternoon.  I can't tell you how much I want this to be over already.
Jeff and LT had said yesterday that they wanted to check out certain roads in the far northwest of town and I had given my tentative OK, depending how things went with Mariposa.  Since she looked pretty good this morning, I did manage to make it for the ride.
Oh, another Twilight Zone moment today.  I pull up in front of the Palermo, where we were meeting.  I was joined by Jeff on his Fatty, then LT pulled up on her red Vespa.  Right behind her was a young man on an almost identical red Vespa!  He gets off and we start talking and he says that his is a 300cc model and he might sell it for $8,000 (followed by the sound of me choking...).. He speaks good English and he pulls out his card which reads Juan Davila.  I do a double-take, and say that I know a John Davila (same name) that I have known for 5 years, hadn't seen in 4 years, then just saw him again last Saturday at Joe's Secret Garden, just down the street...   Guess what..??!!  This turns out to be John Jr. !!!  Yessiree, and not only that, but he knew LT and where she lived, because his uncle Luis was the realtor on that deal!!!  Noo noo noo noo, noo noo noo noo......
It wasn't a great day, not much sun at all and we rode up some pretty rough, dusty, then muddy roads.  We even crossed a small stream and were headed to some waterfalls but the roads looked too steep and dangerous for the motos so we came back down.  The views weren't much to write home about either unfortunately.  Don't know how much video Jeff got on his GoPro because his battery died quickly.
The highlight of the trip was stopping at this seafood place again on Ordonez Lasso where you get real good value for your money.   
On my way home I was going by the Terminal Terrestre (bus depot) so I decided to swing over to MultiMotos to see about an oil change for Toxic later this week and to see the new 2017 Fatty.  They only had one sold model on the floor, similar to the 2016 but it showed that it was a 175cc.  So I had a good discussion with the mechanic about this unit.  He confirmed it is much more powerful than Toxic, has bigger wheels, more clearance, digital dash and better lights.  He says they have not had any troubles with this new motor, etc so I just might take the plunge.  They get more models in on Thursday so I will probably go in for the oil change then and see if they have a color I like, apparently blue, black or white are the choices.  I think the blue one is the flashiest.
Since we are having Cristina's son and niece as visitors in December, my thought is that it would be helpful to have 2 motos at that time.  Then I would have to sell my precious Toxic which has been such a wonderful bike for me.... Boo Hoo.  It still has less than 6,000 kms.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 

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A blustery day view towards the Cajas

Outstanding in their fields... lol

These indigenous women are the hardest workers in the world

All cultivation is done by hand labour

Another view to the Cajas

LT parks like a woman, in the middle of the road

A view towards the southeast over Cuenca

A view south-southwest.  Se the pony bottom right

Zoomed in on the pretty pony

Big platters of seafood here, very reasonable

This is the 2017 150cc Fatty I saw a couple of weeks ago.  I just may buy the 175cc model.