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Thursday November 17, 2016 Herederos

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Thursday November 17, 2016
453 views since the last post.  You have no idea how gratifying that is!   Is anybody getting the Subscription email yet??  Please let me know if you are.
My alarm clocks, princesa and Turi are pretty much bang on 5:30am for their morning walk.  This morning there was not a single cloud in the sky, hence it was a cold 4o.
Mariposa seems normal, finally!  She wants to play and roughhouse again and has her normal appetite, etc., but Cristina still insists that she is taken on walks only alone, and only when it is warm.  Because it is working, I am going along with it for now.
I do try to keep this Blog not too wordy so it is not so long that it bores you to death.  It also helps that I don't tell you everything, lol.
We tried yesterday to make IESS medical appointments online for Cristina, one for General medicine, and another for Dental.  The General one would not accept any new appointments and yet we were able to make one for Tuesday for the Dental.  Today there were all kinds of appointments available for the General....  I just shake my head...
I took a run in the afternoon (too nice to stay inside again) to Mall de Rio to scout out the availability of a lot of accessories for the new moto, like extra lights, helmet, etc, especially in yellow and black, but without too much success.  I didn't buy anything yet because there are signs all over for Black Friday sales next week.  I also wanted to confirm that I wasn't crazy when I thought I had seen electric dog clippers at La Victoria for $55.  A couple of weeks ago I had gone to the same store in Monay Mall but the cheapest they had were $75.  I had them call Mall de Rio and they told me that they also only had the $75 model.  Liars!  There is definitely an Oster model for $55.  
It is the third week since we last had a Herederos Thursday night ride so I was looking forward to it.  There were 20 bikes originally including 2 new Colombian gals.  There were some Venezuelans doing the long cloth acrobatic thing off the bridge and the Louisiana Pub on the other side was doing a roaring business.  I saw 2 guys on Vespas in front so I told them to come and join us, and they did.  The Vespas looked like new, and I was floored to find out that the blue one is a 1978 model!!!
I get pretty frustrated when they ask people to be there punctually at 7:30 but some don't show up before 8:30, so everyone hangs around, yaks and smokes.  Then the initial part of the ride is almost always the same,... cruise Remigio Crespo and Calle Larga before the main destination.  Tonight we headed for Paccha again, east of Cuenca, which is a nice destination but there is no food available there, and it is too dark to go the extra distance on gravel to the great viewpoints above the town.  The road was surprisingly under construction in a couple of spots and there are absolutely no warning signs...  Visiting places in the east end though makes it easier for me to break off and go home after, while everyone else heads off for a late meal.
Oh, and we got a new Herederos t-shirt tonight!
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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Marcos and Juan are holding up my new T-shirt

Harold has funky new accent lighting

Thumbs up

The bikes keep adding up

Venezuelan upside-down on the long cloth

Standing room only at the Louisiana Pub

This bodes well for partners Michael, Tom, Ray and Linda

Almost every seat is occupied

Even the patio tables are being used

The group has taken to gathering on the steps regularly now

The blue Vespa is a restored 1978 model!!!

What a great central location to gather at

Those picturesque arches of the Broken Bridge

We are leaving soon

Lovely Venezuelan couple

Gathering now at the church in Paccha

Taken without a flash to get the whole church

A flash would be useless at this distance

So we get a decent, but grainy, shot

I think we are 18 bikes and 20 people

I took a lot of these shots

Not bad for a distant night shot

The group in in good humour

Last group shot by me

I am in the next few shots taken by Marcos with my camera

Have you found me yet?

Sorry about the graininess

Street dog amusing Andrea

2 Colombianas in the middle

Showing off their doggie photos

Heading home soon