Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday November 13, 2016 Uzhupud

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Sunday November 13, 2016
Finally!!  Got rid of the printer to a very nice young Ecuadorian man who showed up exactly on time, surprise, surprise.
The clock read 4:50 this AM when I looked at it and went to walk the dogs.  Later, the morning was so sunny and beautiful I just couldn't stay in the house.  Toxic and I just headed east, ended up on the Autopista, making up our route as we went.  Such lovely scenes kept presenting themselves to us and it was simple to stop and snap away.
For those who think we live in a backward place, note the photos of Polo players, yes.. Polo players on the military grounds!
I wanted to make a left at Challuabamba but the road was blocked because they were removing the overpass, so I took the next turn to cut over to the Panamerica.  From there I couldn't decide whether to go to Azogues and Bibliane, or continue to either Paute or Gualaceo and Chordeleg, or run up to SigSig...  
Then I saw a sign for Uzhupud and remembered that my friend MAZ had renovated a home there and I had yet to see it.  So I stopped, called to confirm someone was home, got some directions, and off I went....  and promptly misunderstood the instructions and ended up far away.  After more instructions, and asking locals the way, I got on the right road but somehow passed the big stone wall with a green fence above it.  One more call and MAZ waited for me on the road and I got to see this magnificent house!  I couldn't see the landmark stone wall and green fence because they were above the vision of my helmet.  Anyway, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
The view from this house is simply breathtaking and has its own spring-fed water supply and tons of room in the yard.  MAZ was just in the process of renting the house as I arrived because she has another place she now rents in the city because she is tired of the commute to sell her award-winning foodstuffs.  This place would be such a great getaway and a place for the dogs to roam (I can dream, can't I?).
I hated to come home but we had company from Jessie and her son, Joaquin, when I arrived.  Joaquin is a very well-behaved 10 year-old who typically would be very bored in the company of only adults, so we hurriedly ate some lunch and then I took him for a ride south to Rayoloma to see the view and then back via El Valle.  Then I kept him occupied as I tried to explain my routine for processing the photos.  He got bored with that after a while too but it helped while away the time for him.
So far today, knock on wood (like my head), Mariposa has been nosebleed-free today in spite of her huge sneezes.  Let's pray that this suffering is over for the poor girl and we can get back to some normal sleep patterns.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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Late capture of sunrise this morning

This creek close to Hospital Del Rio feeds into the Tomebamba

Mighty eucaypti reach for the sky

Polo, yes, polo in Cuenca!

It is probably not as easy as they make it look

Usually this is a rich man's sport

The Andes are so different than my Rockies

My favourite pizza place in Challubamba was not open yet

The Tomebamba has dumped into the Rio Paute

This side creek has some odd riverboats

Stocking up on medicinal herbs

The Rio Paute empties into the Amazon eventually

This is such a pretty ride along the Rio Paute

Washing clothes on another side creek

This is MAZ's mountainside home, and it's a beauty

This is the never-ending view from the house

Own water gravity-fed from a fresh spring

Gotta love the treehouse out back

Interesting dual flower

Is this gorgeous or what..!!??

This is the other side

What an awesome yard!

And a firepit for those late-night chats

Part of the interior of this great house

I stitched this panorama from 3 shots of our beautiful city of Cuenca taken near Rayoloma

My riding companion Joaquin