Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday November 10, 2016 Banana

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Thursday November 10, 2016
I had to take Toxic in for an oil change today and was hoping to see more of the 2017 Fattys but they have not arrived yet (naturally - they had told me they would be there).  So I had them confirm today that they do not make a 2017 150cc Fatty (the salesman at another shop lied to me) but only a 175cc, which increases from 10hp to 14hp, which is of great interest to me.
So I discussed with them getting a yellow and black one complete with the rear luggage case and the installation of an accessory plug-in, just like Toxic.  They gave me a reasonable price compared to that other salesman so I have it on order now, deposit paid, and I should see it in 7-10 days.
I hope to keep Toxic for use over Christmas for company and then it will be for sale.  So, if anyone wants to hold up their hand now, they might be able to get Toxic sooner, ... as long as I can borrow it over Christmas for a week or so....   
Toxic has less that 6,000 kms and is a great little bike that I have about $2,000 invested in.  The matricula is good until July, so this is your opportunity to save a bundle.  I'll even throw in a full helmet....  Any takers??

The title of this Blog is "Banana" because that is the only name that comes to me for a mostly yellow and black bike.  Does anybody have any better ideas?

Thank the good Lord that the severely flawed American election is over.  While most are unhappy, or outright scared, with the outcome, we can only hope and pray that some sane and smart people are able to reign in the temperament of the bombastic President-elect.  
We have had similar backlash voting in Canada and the Province of Alberta and those have been unmitigated disasters.  Putting so much majority power in the hands of such inexperienced persons, however well-meaning they may be, has dire consequences that most of the unwashed simply do not grasp.  I hate politics and most politicians, so we hope some normalcy returns to our social networks.   The misinformation that has been strewn across our paths is mind-numbing with its viciousness and slander.  Suck it up folks, we are in for a rough ride across the world.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 

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Sunrise this morning for a few seconds
Toxic will soon be on the block again

The 2017 is somewhat like this but 175cc with more horsepower