Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tuesday November 22, 2016 Gala Auction

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Tuesday November 22, 2016
This morning I was asked to take photos of some of the larger furniture items that will be up for auction at the Hearts Of Gold Foundation Grinchmas Gala.  If you haven't got your tickets yet,  go to and get them now.  Hearts Of Gold has been doing awesome work for the community, helping the less fortunate, for years now, in a legal and transparent fashion.  Please help support them.  The venue for the Gala, Quinta Lucrecia, has done a superb job the last two years and the food has been awesome.
It may be too cumbersome to try to bring all this furniture to Quinta Lucrecia so there will likely be print and electronic displays to show you these lovely pieces.
Then, in the afternoon, we tried to keep a dental appointment for Cristina through the IESS but their system is so confusing when trying to tell you the location.  When you book the appointment, it gives you a location, then when they send you a confirmation it states a different location, in this case the IESS hospital itself....  Wrong...
I checked to see what time tomorrow I can pick up my new motoneta, Buzzer, and was told 5pm tomorrow.  Nothing has been done at all to the bike yet, and it is sitting in the showroom where kids can jump all over it, with no "sold" sign, when I specifically asked them not leave it in the showroom.  Then the mechanic hit me up for another $10 to install the luggage case when that was supposed to be included in the purchase.  Needless to say, I am a little ticked that a process that was supposed to take 6 days has stretched to 2 weeks.  I would be tempted to tell them to cancel the deal if it wasn't for their excellent mechanic, who is also to install an accessory outlet on this bike as well.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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What an awesome day bed!  I love it!  Just needs cushions.

My favourite kind of swing...

Terrific desk

Desk has lots of storage

Antique-style rocker

Beautiful bench seat for entryway?

Tall wine rack

Antique-style chest of drawers

Lovely coffee table

Antique-style storage chest

Brilliant corner wine table

Antique-style mirrored dresser

Neat storage/planter

Gorgeous tea room set

Another tea room set

The store has many eclectic items for sale

Great selection of items at this store on Ordonez Lasso