Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday November 21, 2016 Sayausi

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Monday November 21, 2016
This morning I rushed through my chores, without uploading my last Christmas cards for sale, and headed out to meet Jeff and LT for another of our exploratory rides, this time high up in the northwest Sayausi area.  We actually saw the end of the line for the #3 bus line.
For my 5 years here, I have always wanted to get up on the high northern mountains above Cuenca and today we crossed that off the bucket list.  The opposing south mountains are bathed in smoke, fog and mist making for a very surreal sight.  If Cuenca is around 8,500 feet, I am sure we must have easily been over 10,500 today.  We rode up as far as we dared, then took the photos on the way back down.  
There has been no rain for a long time, so the rivers are really trickles and the roads are very dusty.  It wasn't long before I was wearing a face mask and I made sure that I washed down Toxic and blew out my camera when I got home again.
Jeff took some decent video on his GoPro today.  Check it out.  I think I am only very briefly at the beginning, leading off then stopping for a photo op.
This afternoon we had an IESS appointment for Cristina with a GP to see about her consistent morning migraines.  They said her BP is up, I think they said 140/80 which I didn't think was very bad, but she has to go get it checked and recorded for a week.  We also asked for a head scan and got a note to take to the downtown IESS office for permission.  We got there about 4:10, they close at 5:00 and the place has about 60 people waiting.  We get our number and we are 40th in our series, and there are at least 4 different series...  I'm trying to do a head count and it just doesn't compute...  Anyway, Cristina finally got to see someone for approval right at 5:00 as they are starting to close the doors.
We walked over to Fabiano's for pizza and caught a very crowded #13 back home.  Like I said it was a lovely, warm day but it sure is cooling off when the sun drops below the horizon.  We might hit the freezing mark one of these nights.
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And I apologize that the photos are all scrambled by Google too...  Grrrr.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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NOTE that you may click on any photo for an ENLARGED VIEW.

Starting down from from a pretty fair height

Lots of smoke, fog and mist on the opposing mountains.

Out of order photos, sorry folks.  This is a 3 photo stitched panorama for you, direct from the Andes mountains.

Yes, there are little communities way up here

I don't know how long the greenery will stay in this drought

Still pretty lush feeding ground for the cows

Click to enlarge to enjoy the view

Some pretty nice homes along this road

They farm the Andes right to the summits

Mountain creek is pretty low too

Another River Of Rocks

Sharing the road with our bovine friends

This beauty caught my eye

It seemed a little camera-shy

Somehow most of the photos are backwards

A beautiful, if dusty, ride though

We can only really see the west end of Cuenca from here

The smoke from the forest fires adds a different dimension

Big mountains mean deep valleys

Much prettier in person...

We will have to explore this area more.

Send us just a little rain for now, OK?