Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thursday November 3, 2016 Independence Day

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Thursday November 3, 2016
Changing the website was simple enough but the enormity of trying to change everything associated with it, business cards, uploaded photos, etc could be a never-ending task.  I don't think that I am going to go back and change the information of 3172 photos, on 2 different sites, ... no siree Bob...
We picked up Mariposa from the vet and she was again very relieved to see us, and relieved herself outside this time.  No major exercise for a couple of weeks for her to be certain the nose is healed sufficiently.  The bill was another $55 today and now we have to bring her in for an injection for 4 days running.  
Today is Independence Day in Cuenca and it is basically the central day of a week's festivities.  We noted a whole bunch of things worth seeing today but opted to go see the artisans along the Tomebamba, etc but first we went for lunch at La Petite Creperie at the northwest side of Parque De La Madre.  Our friend from Montreal, Melissa has opened this little place and the bustle of the fiesta has her open much later than she really wants.  We ran into our old friends Christine and Noel there and we all enjoyed some delicious French-Canadian crepes with different fillings.  We will be back....
Then it was fun roaming the neat artisans' tents from the PDLM to Solano then back on the other side all the way to the Todos Santos Bridge.  many of our gringo friends were doing the same.
I bought a pirate-style head scarf to wear under my helmet to hide my hat-hair, and a fancy magnetic antenna to get clearer reception on the monitor/TV in the bedroom.
My main fascination at this time of year is all the creche scenes that are available, so very inventive, humourous and, in some cases, very tiny.  You will see what I mean in the photos.  I am shocked that I did not buy any today..  maybe I will go back tomorrow..??
We ran into two mimes who posed, took return photos of us, lol, and then wanted money of course...  All in good fun.
Intermittent rain did not dampen peoples' spirits and we were equipped with umbrellas anyway.
Then we continued to the Broken Bridge Louisiana Tavern opening to support our  friends (and owners), Michael, Tom, Linda and Ray.  The place was jammed with many people we knew and we really enjoyed the pulled-pork sandwich that we tried...
We intended to continue past the Todos Santos Bridge to catch a bus but they were having wooden push-cart races (all the cars I saw were metal) and the roads were blocked off, so we trundled on to El Vergel and hopped on a #15 finally that managed to come through.  However Huayna Capac is closed with a bunch of music stages blocking the intersections so the bus took a short-cut up Paseo De Los Canaris and we got home quite quickly.   Nap time now.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 

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The new details

Only some of the many, many artisanal tents along the Tomebamba

Christina & Noel also stopped for a crepe today

Melissa is happy to oblige

La Petite Creperie - highly recommended...

Starting the browsing in earnest

Love these lifelike statues

Dolls made from straw

A boxed creche scene for $12

Christmas morn in a gourd

Tiny creche scene between two leaves $8.  Love the donkey!

And we have many more across the river

Cooling off the tootsies

Different music at various places

Heading east towards CIDAP - See the mime mimicking me..

I liked these guys..

Very entertaining facial expressions and stances

Taking the return photo

Should we ask him for money now?  Yes..

Loved this pillow.  Note the cuy under the arm...

Cristina loved these gals...

I loved this.  I think only $12

People coming and going at the Broken Bridge Louisiana Tavern

Having a race in the sprinkling rain, and holding up our bus...