Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday April 19, 2017 Appointments

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Wednesday April 19, 2017
As I write this I am so doggone bushed I can hardly type.  More on that to follow.
As I was starting my morning routine I looked over to see that Princesa had replaced me and was actually laying on my pillow.  I don't know why I felt miffed, but I was,   And not far away Turi was wondering what the fuss was about...
I went to my first bout of physio this morning and it wasn't at all what I imagined it would be.  First they laid me on this bed that looked like a mini-MRI and they pushed this half-circly cover over my neck area.  I could hear no sound or feel anything so I had no idea if I was waiting for this thing to move down my body or not.  It didn't.  So I just closed my eyes and rested while another patient kept jumping up to see if the timer had finished.  It is some kind of magnetic machine, but any effects were lost on me.
Then it was back on a TENS machine with the electrical paddles affixed on either side of my neck with a heavy heating pad added.  I am awaiting the delivery of my own TENS/EMS machine so I am hoping that my own strategic placement of the pads will produce some results.  They say the EMS side of it is more effective for my needs.   Then the physiotherapist rubbed this machine around the back of my neck, said it was a massage, but it only felt like ske she was pushing gel around back there....   I am beginning to wonder  if 1/2 of these machines don't work and they don't realize it...  After that they reefed on my neck for a few minutes and I was done...  
Then I accompanied Cris to see a gynecologist in the early afternoon and that spawned 3 more appointments, 2 of which we squeezed in today, running to different corners of the city.  The abdominal radiography required a wait on our part which we used to fill our faces at a nearby bakery.  Then we had to catch a bus and walk a ways to get to a women's and children's hospital hidden behind the industrial park to complete a mammogram (where I have to return Friday to get the results, on Buzzer).   We had a pretty reasonable wait there too. 
That was where I killed some time by walking outside and spotted a complete oddity for Cuenca... a real live payphone...  And I had to take a photo of it and also of the rates, which you are not gonna believe...
Leaving there, we spotted 4 dogs sitting between the driving lanes, dodging impatient traffic because 2 of them were sadly still locked in coitus awkwardly.  Then this big truck just tried to barge through them and that got Cristina's blood boiling and she ran over in front of the truck and gave that a**hole a what-for!! 
So, it is suppertime, just finished my salad, and I am already ready to hit the hay.... !!  That probably won't be a bad thing because we need to be up real early to head over the Medisol near Feria Libre for Cristina's blood work, and the bus there could take up to an hour at 7am with all the schoolkids on the move.   Then we have to rush back because I have my physio at 10:10 and she has a dentist appointment at 10:30 downtown!  Ugh, somebody stop this merry-go-round and let me get off.

I hope you enjoy the photos. That was the day’s excitement.
Cheers, Al

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Princesa thinks she is the new man of the house

And Turi is just confused

This is a real oddity in this town....

But look at these throwback prices.....