Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday March 22, 2017 Rain

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Wednesday March 22, 2017
Tuesday I went to meet with George to arrange the music for the proposed OBG dance, booked for Tuesday April 4. He will meet on Thursday with Peter to coordinate with the sound system.
After physio I went to El Centro with Cristina, primarily to find replacement cord for all my house pants and sweat pants. We found what we needed at the first place. I also got a new replacement fanny pack because my old one’s zippers were getting caught in the broken interior fabric. It served me well for about 7 years.
Then we went to CinePower and bought 13 more movies before going to the Konica store to get a frame for my GringoPost Best Photographer certificate. I am still reeling at being named that honour for 4 years running.
We stopped at a jewelry shop to get a watch battery for my Timex only to find out that it was toast… So I had the bracelet transferred to my other watch with a couple of links removed. We also got Cristina a new watch bracelet. The heavens opened during this time so I suggested we eat downtown to ride out the storm.
I had a craving for pizza and Cristina was craving a coffee so we went to La Fornace only to find that they had no coffee…. So we ate somewhere else.
I got a call from Marco confirming that any Coopera payout won’t happen until mid-to-end of April, so I had to put the word out once I got home. I was so exhausted, the bed beckoned early.
Wednesday, I tackled my end-of-life documents again which I will take next week to a new lawyer. The last Gringa lawyer fouled them up so badly that I was gun-shy, but my accident has highlighted an urgency to the matter.
Then I walked in the light rain to the second-last physio of this series, maximum of 10 allowed, and I can’t say that I am impressed with the results which are negligible to nil,… very disappointing.  I don't think that I have a choice but to ask for another series...  I need to get some improvement in my condition.  This "frozen" body feeling is getting tiresome.
The day began blustery and has not gotten any better, with intermittent light rain being the order of the day. The grasses in the parks are badly overgrown and a nuisance for walking the dogs. However the flowers are gorgeous and this is infinitely better than -20 with a blizzard...
All these photos were taken with the new Lumix which continues to produce very nice outdoor shots.
I hope you enjoy the photos. That was the day's excitement. Cheers, Al
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Sunrise Tuesday morning

A newly made concrete street across the river

Light rain on the Tomebamba

But the mimosa tree loves the moisture

And I love the mimosas.

After physio, looking west, in the light rain

And looking east, past my soggy house on the right